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A passionate strategist, a visionary, competent with handling multiple projects in order to maximize the desirable impact of entrepreneurs and their companies. 




I was faced with a young brand that had all the ingredients to be more, but was afraid to take a chance and stand out from the crowd. 

Immediately, I went into meetings with the Creative Director and built on her high fashion hair ideas. We landed on, "hair as jewelry" and I built her idea into a story on who this woman was, what would she wear, or live. I sold her the idea of a dominatrix on her throne knowing it was risky, but it was right just for that reason. I hired the stylist, makeup artist, model and styled the shoot myself. I had a vision, no budget but I am resourceful enough to make things happen.  After, the campaign launched it went on to win the stylist a position at NY Fashion Week and put the brand on the map receiving attention from Nike for their braid styling on models during their San Francisco marathon. Visit one sample of the campaign and another here




I produced a bridal marketing campaign for a local salon on a $400 budget that led to major success in sales and built relationships with vendors.

Immediately, I got creative and used my resources thoughtfully. I negotiated with florists and a bridal boutique to use their services in exchange for professional images. We photographed our models on a beautifully, foggy day in Golden Gate Park for free. This one campaign led to a lasting relationship with multiple vendors, mentions in local bridal blogs, a successful marketing campaign and later earned the boutique salon a spot in New York's Bridal Week. For $400 I produced a marketing campaign and launched the salons coast to coast hair identity. Visit the campaign.



I managed a talented assistant who was was suddenly underperforming in her role and not communicating with her team.


My goal was to communicate my expectations and provide her with tools to empower her to change her results. I conveyed the departmental requirements, and the impact missed deadlines has on the team. Together we went through every mishap and discovered what the root of the problem and I provided her with tools on how she could improve it in the future. I left it up to her to decide what tool to employ to make necessary changes. In the end, we signed a 30-day action plan agreement that we would revisit and talk about her progress. I know she left feeling empowered because I immediately saw a change in the way she approached her work. She began to trust herself to work independently and ask insightful questions when needed. Within 30 days we were able to move past her old habits and move towards tackling new areas of growth.



I inherited the HR section of a small beauty company, and within three months I improved productivity and lowered our payroll costs.


I implemented a system that lowered processing time from 3 to 1 hour that improved productivity and lowered labor costs. I then discovered we were overspending on HR software for a low volume payroll so I found a better-suited HR small business provider saving the company $300/month.



Art Curator and Producer for Stones

Creative and Content Manager for Morphic BlogInstagram and Digital Campaigns. 




Bachelor of Arts in Film Production with a minor in Art History 




Multiple Photography Projects   Artivist  (Art based Activism)

Women's March in San Francisco   Art and Speaker Coordinator 

First Exposures  Mentor