I capture moments

I've always been a creative person and my first love was portrait photography. While, I focus more on product design now you can view my past work below.


Role: Photographer/Creative Director

I'm drawn to photographing people and showing them in a new light. I see photography as a form of therapy. I create a comfortable space for people to show themselves in front of the camera. At the same time, I love to experiment with light, objects and filters in camera to create something new.

KQED's Women to watch series

Role: Photographer

This multimedia series spotlights amazing artists and creators who use their personal passions to fuse art and social justice; to tell personal stories that tie us together; and to give us a new way to see the world around us.


Role: Photographer
Editorial work is incredibly fulfilling because I get to collaborate with folks of all different backgrounds and creative disciplines. It's amazing what can be created when you build on each others ideas.